Super C: Upgraded 1953 C Type

Super C

 Upgraded 1953 C Type

For years we have resisted temptation to move away from how Jaguar built the C Type during the early 1950’s, but to cater for the ever increasing popular trend of modernising classic cars to be more useable, we are excited to now offer what we call our “Super  C”.

Based on our most popular “Semi Lightweight” model, we have incorporated some tried and proven modern components that we use on other models, mainly E Type’s, to enhance performance and useability of the C Type. Every upgraded component can be easily swapped for a correct C Type component at any stage, important if re-sale becomes a priority. Apart from seeing the modern brakes through the wire wheels, externally the car is identical to a 1953 car. Even under the bonnet or from underneath the car, it takes a keen eye to spot any difference apart from the tubular exhaust.

Semi-Lightweight C-Type

Production Car Specifications


Our Super C receives a new, alloy cased 5 speed gearbox to replace the Moss 4 speed. We have used this gearbox in E Type’s, including our Low Drag replicas, and they are simply wonderful. Every component is brand new, they use modified T5 internals and utilise the original Jaguar bell housing. The length is the same, the transmission tunnels remain unchanged and the gearlever position is identical.

The addition of a 5th gear allows easier highway cruising or the ability to fit a lower diff ratio for improved acceleration. The old Moss ‘box is the Achilles heel of any performance Jaguar and this gearbox simply transforms the entire car.


The Dunlop 6 piston front, 4 piston rear callipers give excellent performance but are heavy and expensive to make. We offer lightweight modern billet alloy callipers that adapt to the correct mounting brackets and provide better stopping power with a nice decrease in un sprung weight. When coupled with the larger diameter C Type disc rotors, the braking performance is sensational.


We have been using Quaife torque biasing differential centres in our performance Jaguars for years and they are far superior to Jaguars Limited Slip Differential. C Type’s never used a LSD but they didn’t have 350hp either! The Quaife centre puts the power to the ground in a way an open centre diff or LSD just can’t.


The old adage “there is no substitute for cubic inches” is as true with 6 cylinder Jaguars as it is with any other engine. Starting with a 420 engine nearly 1/2 litre increase in capacity straight away so we start here and the short stud 420 block is very robust and has the engine mounting location as per a 3.4, so correct C Type mounting is retained. In fact, if “4.2” wasn’t cast into the side of the block, no-one would know the difference.

As a minimum, we fit custom forged wedge style pistons but we can also fit a billet Arrow crankshaft with a long rod/short piston combination which gives a nice torque boost. The C Type’s used the small port “A” type cylinder head from the XK120, but our Super C use the legendary straight port head as used on the E Type. We modify the ports using our CNC program and fit it with custom stainless steel valves, oversize buckets, upgraded valve springs and a pair of cams ground to our design. The Weber inlet manifold is custom, it features longer inlet tracts than commercially available units for improved torque then 45DCOE or optional 48DCOE webers are fitted. The C Type exhaust manifolds are very short and we use a longer branch style extractor system for superior torque and top end performance. This engine is fitted with an ultra-light steel flywheel, twin plate AP clutch and a light but powerful gear reduction starter motor. Finally, we fit an all new electronic ignition system which makes a world of difference to even a standard 6 cylinder Jaguar but is an absolute necessity with any performance Jaguar engine.

The engine is completely designed around enhancing the torquey nature of the Jaguar 6 cylinder engine. It will idle smoothly thanks to the Webers, is not “peaky” and will produce 350hp and 380ft/lb of torque on pump unleaded fuel.


SuperC Engine

The Le Mans cars ran an oil cooler and we have fitted these to a couple of our semi Lightweight spec cars. The kit we have developed uses a modern spin oil filter which gives superior oil filtering and makes life a lot easier to change the filter. The cooler mounts in the correct position in front of the radiator and we use steel braided line with aluminium fittings for total reliability.


Originally the C Type used a generator which was barely up to scratch even for the small amount of electrical components used in the C, but introducing a modern thermo fan and electronic ignition is just too much for the old generator to cope, especially if you turn the headlights on! We have been using this fantastic lightweight alternator conversion on our E Type’s and they are 100% reliable and weigh in at a fraction of the weight of a generator. The kit comes with new pulleys to suit a modern micro V belt system that won’t slip or come off at high revs. With this reliable charging system, electronic ignition and a powerful electric thermo fan can be utilised.