Semi-Lightweight C-Type

Semi-Lightweight C-Type

The semi-lightweight replica is the most popular choice for customers who want a high performance C Type. A upgraded engine with Weber carburettors and the distinctive  bonnet scoop provides more power and the legendary Dunlop disc brakes provides excessive stopping power. Performance is awesome, they weigh in at 950kg and have a very usable and tractable 300bhp.

Semi-Lightweight C-Type

Production Car Specifications


Made in house as per our production car but, in 1953 Le Mans specification with bonnet scoop, rear body strengthening rib and lightening holes in bulkhead. Paintwork consists of Glasurit two pack paint, in any colour choice, applied using our clear over base method, then hand finished and buffed to eliminate peel for a period look.


All as per a production car except for the rear chassis subassembly panelled in aluminium as per the 1953 Lightweight cars. The front suspension uses a different sway bar with the distinctive “hang down” mountings, necessary to clear the massive callipers. Rear suspension location can be by either single or twin locating top arms.


4 wheel disc brakes consisting of front 6 piston callipers, rear 4 piston callipers, handbrake callipers, 4 disc rotors, 4 callipers mounting brackets, brake hoses and handbrake cable brackets. This system is an exact indistinguishable copy of the original works 1953 Dunlop components and provides awesome stopping power.

The wheels are specially made alloy rimmed 60 spoke wire wheels, exactly as fitted to the works 1953 Le Mans “lightweight” cars. These are necessary when disc brakes are fitted due to calliper clearance and to cope with the extra power of the Le Mans engine. Tyres are Dunlop racing 6.00 x 16 front & spare and 6.50 x 16 rears, as originally fitted to these cars.


The MKVII 3.4 litre engine is sleeved to 3.8 and fitted with 9.5:1 custom forged pistons. The MKVII cylinder head is modified and fitted with 1 7/8 inlet valves, 1 5/8 exhaust valves and converted to run on unleaded and is extensively ported. High lift cams fitted. Replica weber inlet manifold and water rail are fitted with 45DCOE webers and aluminium cold air box. Hand made stainless steel exhaust manifolds with twin resonator exhaust system is used, as fitted to the 1953 Le Mans cars.

The gearbox and differential are the same as a production car except we fit a limited slip centre and a 3.77 ratio to the differential.


The interior is the same as a production car except the dipper switch is relocated to the transmission tunnel as per a 1953 Le Mans car. The fuel tank is made to the same specification as a production car except it is constructed from aluminium. The radiator is made from aluminium with an aluminium core.