LWT E-Type

Jaguar created 11 very special E Type’s in 1963 with all alloy body construction, aluminium engine blocks, race inspired suspension, 5 speed gearbox and wide cast Magnesium wheels. We have set about recreating these spectacular sports cars and offer a range of different options allowing you to create your own special version.

The economics of turning a run down E Type into a Lightweight E Type or Low Drag Coupe makes a lot of sense. To restore an E Type to factory condition can cost just as much as a LWT or Low Drag but on completion, the standard car, depending on the model, would have a resale value of far less than the LWT or Low Drag Coupe. Especially if you start with a 2+2 E Type which one would definitely over capitalise on if restored, yet transformed into a LWT or Low Drag is a very different story! Body condition is not a consideration when looking for a donor car so they can be picked up very cheaply. It doesn’t even matter if it is an auto.




The outer skins and boot floor are removed from the original body tub and if it is a coupe, the roof and coupe inner panels removed ready for the unique alloy bodywork, in either Low Drag Coupe or Lightweight E Type form. The body tub is then mounted on our alignment jig and restored, usually with new floors and inner sills. A complete new aluminium boot floor assembly is made and fitted. The strengthening and upgrades that were done in the factory are also completed. Then new uprated front frames are fitted then a Lightweight/Low Drag spec aluminium bonnet.

In the case of the Low Drag, unique doors, rear boot floor, rear quarters, scuttle and of course, the unique low drag roof and bootlid are fabricated and fitted. New door frames and Perspex windows and the special Low Drag front and rear windscreens are included.

In the case of the Lightweight E Type, new alloy roadster sills, scuttle, doors, bootlid and hardtop are fabricated along with Lightweight E spec rear quarters. Rear facing hardtop and bootlid vents are also fitted. A new roadster screen is fitted. The body is then painted inside and out in any colour choice.

Body Options:  We can also build the entire car from aluminium including the tub for either the Low Drag or the LWT E. When doing this we strategically incorporate steel strengthening in critical areas. If the car is to be raced, we can fabricate and install a rollcage.


Mechanically both the Low Drag coupe and the Lightweight E Type are the same. There are numerous engine specifications that can be requested and certainly not limited to the below range. The engine specification is discussed at length and tailored to your needs but these are typical specifications that can form a basis for comparision. All engines are fitted with brand new alloy bodies water pumps, engine oil cooler with braided lines and our lightweight alternator conversion with micro V belt pulleys.

Stage 1: Rebuild the original donor 3.8 or 4.2 litre engine with electronic ignition, conversion to unleaded, triple 45DCOE webers and our tuned length extractor and exhaust system. Alloy flywheel and diaphragm clutch. Typical 250hp.

Stage 2: As above but with forged pistons, big valves, CNC head porting, reground camshafts. Typical 320hp.

Stage 3: Replica wide angle cylinder head with correct vented cam covers 48DCOE webers. Custom forged pistons to suit wide angle head. Upgraded tuned extractor and exhaust system. Typical 350hp.

Stage 4: As above but with full alloy block 3.8 litre only. Typical 350hp but 45kg lighter.

Stage 5: As above with complete replica dry sump system. This is now typical of the engine that was fitted to the Low Drag Coupe.

Engine Options

Engine Options from here include butterfly injection, slide throttle injection, throttle body ECU controlled electronic injection, Carrillo conrods, long conrod/short piston combinations. Development of a stage 3, 4 or 5 engine for racing can approach 400hp. FIA compliant specification for racing also no problem. The engine specification can be discussed in detail and priced up accordingly.


The original Low Drag Coupe and Lightweight E Type’s used either the original Jaguar 4 speed or ZF 5 speed gearbox. In our standard spec, and FIA race spec car, we rebuild the donor 4 speed. Alternatively we can supply a rebuild Jaguar 4 speed or supply the optional alloy cased 5 speed gearbox that we fit to our road E Type’s. These are designed specifically for the E Type, they use the E Type bellhousing, mounting and tailshaft and the selector is in exactly the right position. They use redesigned T5 gears and a cast alloy casing that looks very similar to a Jaguar casing.


In our standard spec car we rebuild the donor differential which will be LSD from an E Type. From there we can tailor the ratio to the intended use of the car (and the gearbox) by replacing the crownwheel and pinion. In the majority of cars we build or restore we install a Quaife torque biasing differential centre which replaces the original LSD unit. These are far superior to the original Jaguar LSD. We can also build the differential in an alloy or magnesium housing for maximum weight reduction (not FIA approved). For carswith racing intentions, we incorporate an optional differential oil cooler as per the factory race cars.


The front suspension from the donor car is dismantled, checked, zinc plated and then rebuilt with new poly bushes, ball joints, eccentric camber/castor top fulcrum shaft as per the factory cars, uprated torsion bars, adjustable shock absorbers and bigger (spec dependant on use intentions) front swaybar. We fit a brand new quick ratio steering rack which is solidly mounted to the front frames. The donor steering column is restored. The donor rear suspension is dismantled, checked, bead blasted and painted. All new bearings, universal joints and uprated bushings are fitted with adjustable shocks with adjustable spring platforms and uprated coil springs are fitted. New peg drive hubs are fitted front and rear. Suspension options include aluminium bodies double adjustable GAZ shocks and the swaybars are tailored to the driving intentions of the car.


The donor pedal box is retained and restored with new master cylinders fitted. The standard original E Type brakes will not be sufficient for the performance capabilited of these cars, even though it will be some 300kg lighter than a standard E Type.

System 1: FIA approved MKIX callipers and solid rotors are fitted to cars that are to be raced. These use brand new cast calliper mountings and brand new uprated billet alloy calliper cylinders and custom brake pads. Cooling ducts as per the factory cars are fitted front and rear.

System 2: Vented front and rear disc rotors fitted with Alloy racing callipers at the front and rear. Cooling ducts as per the factory cars are fitted front and rear.


15 inch replica peg drive cast Magnesium wheels are fitted front and rear, the size of which is dependent on the rear wheel arches. Low Drag Coupes and wide rear winged LWT E Type’s use 7 inch front and 9 inch rear. Tyres are Dunlop racing tyres, size dependant on wheel width.


The interior features replica bucket seats and new dash boards made from aluminium. The standard trimming is black leather for the seats, black vinyl for the door trims and sill covers and bound black carpets. The dash facias are remade in aluminium and then black vacuum moulded as per original. Trim colours and specifications are at the owner’s discretion. The original instruments are restored to Low Drag specification and a new braided wiring loom is installed.


A replica alloy radiator with alloy header tank and mounting bracket is fitted and a replica alloy fuel tank with quick fill cap as per the factory cars. Fuel system is determined by the induction used (Webers or injection). New Lucas Le Mans headlamps are fitted along with new front and rear lamp assemblies. New handles throughout and Perspex headlamp covers, bug deflector and sill extensions.