Full Lightweight C-Type

Semi-Lightweight C-Type

The full lightweight replica is for the connoisseur! A fair bit more expensive, a 100% accurate 1953 Le Mans specification car uses sandcast 40DCO weber carburettors, a Plessey pump, gearbox driven brake boosting system as per the later D Type’s and also a 4 link rear axle locating system.

Apart from adding a lot to the cost of a car, the 40DCO Weber carburettors are difficult to find and are nowhere near as user friendly as new 45 or 48 DCOE Weber carburettors. The Plessey pump brake boosting system really only starts to become noticeable over about 70 MPH and gives no benefits around town. It adds a fair bit of weight as well. The 4 link rear end does a better job of locating the differential and puts the power to the ground better but it does impact on the width of the seats as the pickup points are located on the chassis behind the seats.