Between 1951 and 1953 Jaguar built just 53 of the fabulous 150 mph C Type sports racer and today, any one of these examples is worth in excess of A$1 million.We fastidiously recreate this legendary sports car exactly as produced by Jaguar, this is what sets us apart from the other replicas on the market.

We manufacture the early production model, the factory Lightweight model as raced at Le Mans in 1953 and our own “Super C” model.

Having 20 years experience in restoring all Jaguar models, particularly the XK range, along with staff of highly skilled tradespeople, the task of building the car didn’t pose a problem and the quality would be second to none. The problem was finding the correct specifications and dimensions of all the numerous components unique to a C Type and suppliers for some of these components. The body, chassis, steering rack, suspension arms, torsion bars, engine sump, wheels, disc brakes and much, much more are all unique to a C Type and getting hold of the necessary technical information to reproduce these components was a major task.

From what started as a request by one customer has now turned into a major facet of the business and prompted a move of premises in early 2003. Concours are currently building 2 cars per year, with production increasing steadily.

There are a number of other companies who produce “look-alike” C Type replicas based on 1960 and 1970 Jaguar components with box section chassis and fibreglass bodies, but we are one of only a handful of companies who can produce a true and accurate recreation of the C Type Jaguar. Read what the magazines think about our C Types.

Production Car Specifications

“The all aluminium body is absolutely perfect in every respect” – Martin Braden, Owner, C Type #5


Our C Types are made in the time honoured method of hand forming aluminium and the use of a wooden forming buck. We don’t produce fibreglass or Kevlar bodies. Our body buck, templates, drawings and jigs were produced from XKC003 when it was restored some years ago by Barney Tansley and David Brown in New Zealand. Countless hours went into carefully and accurately measuring and recording every body dimension to enable the production of totally accurate and true to original C Type bodies.

We can produce any of the body variants offered by Jaguar from the early 2 door version with the unique “letterbox” louvers (chassis XKC001 – XKC003), to the most common production car body (chassis XKC004 – XKC050) then finally the Lightweight bodies featuring the bonnet scoop and rear body strengthened (chassis XKC051 – XKC053).


Full tubular chassis fabricated exactly as original and finished in correct silver epoxy for maximum durability.


3.4 litre Jaguar 6 cylinder fully balanced and blueprinted with factory C Type modifications including 9.0:1 compression, C Type camshafts, modified cam cover with breather provision, 2 in sand cast carburettors with cold air box, aluminium flywheel and diaphragm clutch and a correctly cast two piece sump.

This engine develops approximately 190hp. We also modify the cylinder head to allow the use of unleaded fuels. The sump and exhaust manifolds are cast as original and the exhaust system is fabricated to original specification but in stainless steel.


Lockheed 12in drums front and rear with tandem master cylinder, all as original. Specially cast “flyoff” handbrake fitted as original. New splined hubs with 5 silver 16×5 XK120 wire wheels and 600×16 cross ply tyres with chrome spinners.


C Type aluminium bucket seats trimmed in Connolly leather, full C Type instrumentation including 160mph speedo and 6500 rpm tacho, all exactly as original. Full width 1952 production C Type windscreen fitted.


Front Suspension

C-type Front Suspension

Independent with adjustable torsion bars and KONI adjustable shock absorbers, all as original. Lower control arms, torsion bars, torsion bar adjusters and anti roll bar all cast and manufactured to replicate the original.

Rear Suspension

C-type Rear Suspension

Exactly as original with specially fabricated lower arms, panhard bar, top link and adjustable torsion bar. KONI adjustable shock absorbers.


C-type Steering

Rack and pinion steering, cast and manufactured to exactly replicate the original as are the steering arms and steering column. Blumel 17in steering wheel as original, adjustable for reach and column adjustable for height.


The standard Jaguar Moss box is fully rebuilt with new close ratio gears and the correct mechanical clutch mechanisms are manufactured and fitted. The donor MK VII differential is extensively modified to original C Type specification. The centre is rebuilt and new billet axles are fitted.


40 gallon fuel tank fabricated exactly as original, twin square bodied SU fuel pumps, radiator exactly as original, all Lucas electrics throughout with cotton braided wiring loom, all exactly as original.


We do as Jaguar did in the early 1950’s; we source various vital components from a MKVII Jaguar saloon to use in the building of our C Type Jaguars.

Jaguar had the luxury of simply picking these components from the MKVII production line, but these days we need to find a suitable unloved MKVII to provide us with components such the engine, gearbox, differential, some front suspension components, fuel pumps, horn and other smaller items and fasteners. These are all removed from the donor car and then rebuilt and modified to C Type specification.